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Meet Mr. Anil Hanegave : the visionary founder of Trading Direction. With over 6 years of trading experience, he's an accomplished author of three bestselling books and a mentor whose students consistently achieve impressive results.

In addition to these roles, Anil also excels as a remarkable leader, accomplished entrepreneur, and prolific content creator. Successfully completed: Certificate of Completion - Training Program on Index Trading Strategies from Empirical Academy and NSE Academy.


Welcome to Trading Direction Academy

Trading Direction is a focused trading institute empowering the young generation with skills for financial independence and time freedom. Our team of experts help you to learn trading, strategy development, content creation, YouTube video production, finance, graphic design, and customer support.
Our offerings include 
A . Live Online Training and Video Courses

1. Join our CPR Brahmastra Strategy Live Webinar on weekends to Learn the basics of Intraday Trading. 📈

2. 📊 Elevate your skills with our Intraday Trading Mastery Program, featuring 11 premium trading strategies over one month. 💹

3. 🤝 Experience personalized growth with our Pro Traders Mentorship Program spanning 6 months, including one-on-one coaching. 🌟
4. 🏨 Participate in our exclusive offline workshops with classroom sessions held in luxurious Star Hotels for a premium learning experience. 📚 Offline Workshops in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.

Result Oriented Learning Process:

  1. Trading Fundamentals : Solid & Systematic understanding.
  2. Practice: 📈 Apply skills confidently.
  3. Mentorship: 🤝 Personalized guidance and coaching.
  4. Mastery: 💼 Achieve financial success and independence.

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Know trainer

"Training is my Passion, and Trading is my Profession." - Anil Hanegave

An Experienced Trader:  With a trading journey spanning over 13 years, Anil has navigated both bull and bear markets since 2010. His expertise extends to the Indian Futures & Options market since 2016.

A Skilled Trainer : Anil began hosting webinars and workshops on stock market trading & Business in August 2018. Since then, thousands of students have gained valuable insights from his seminars, covering topics ranging from stock market fundamentals to advanced concepts like CPR Trading Strategies and Retracements. 

Anil has initiated a mentorship program to enhance participants' trading skills, transforming their past setbacks into success stories. The positive feedback from participants serves as a testament to Anil's effectiveness as a popular and skilled trainer.

Best Facilitator:

Anil is both an experienced trader and a passionate trainer, with expertise in psychology. He has a special talent for explaining complex ideas in simple ways that everyone can understand. He's great at connecting the dots and telling stories that are not only informative learn with enjoyment and interesting for his students. Anil's smart observations and clear explanations are helpful for both beginners and experienced traders. He shares his own experiences, including his mistakes and what he's learned from them, as well as stories about the stock market's ups and downs. He uses real-life examples of his own and his students that make his seminars and workshops easy to follow.

Anil is passionate about teaching, and his seminars are lively and never boring. He includes interactive activities, shares knowledge, and answers questions to keep everyone engaged throughout the session.

A Visionary:

Anil has a big dream: he wants to help 10 Lac people gain the knowledge, skills, and discipline they need to take advantage of the many opportunities in the financial markets. He believes this can help them build wealth and make a positive impact on society.

A Successful Corporate Leader:

Anil has a strong academic background with Master of Science in Agriculture, as well as a NSE Certified Trader. He worked for 7 years in the Agriculture Industry, including in the Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and North India. He even held a top position, leading a team of over 200 people, at a Fortune 500 Company before deciding to follow his passion."

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"High-Quality Education at Affordable Prices, Delivering Exceptional Value"

Our Core Values & Purpose: Why we are Leader.

Trust and Integrity

At Trading Direction, trust, ethical standards, and integrity are our foremost priorities. Our dedicated team is unwaveringly committed to delivering best educational services.

Passionate and Exceptional Attitude

"Our passion is providing valuable trainings that equips individuals with insights into the pros and cons of trading. We firmly believe that education serves as the crucial foundation for achieving success in life and business."

Our mission

Our mission is to educate 10 Lac individuals from India and abroad and to provide comprehensive trading knowledge, skills, and tools, enabling you to reach your financial goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in trading education, empowering individuals worldwide to attain financial freedom and independence through our expert guidance and resources.

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"5-Star Course Reviews with Real Results from Our Students"

"5 ⭐ Testimonials from our Students"


Dear Sir, 

Brahmastra Trading Strategy is really Amazing, as well as other 11 Secret Trading Strategies and you have explained really well in easy to understand language. Thank you Anil Sir !

Yatish Murkute, Intraday Trading Mastery Program Student


CPR Brahmastra Strategy works perfectly in Nasdaq Market also and giving promising result to me. Earlier i was doing trading in trap zone and making so many losses and my confident were totally down and having fear while buying or Selling options. But Now This Strategy has changed my mind and losses has stopped and giving amazing breakouts.

Mr. Devendra Verma, USA, Lifetime Member with Trading Direction


Sir... Today I recovered the fees I paid for your Intraday Mastery course. I trade confidently now. And very Thankful for your support.🙏 I am not overexcited but gained the confidence that I can trade.

Jagruti Anand Joshi

Trading Direction is an educational service that teaches and helps to connect various platforms and tools like Trading View, CPR or other platforms to help retail traders and investors for better education and understanding. Please consult your financial advisor before investing or trading. Trading Direction is not liable for any losses incurred for any reason whatsoever due to our services or other platforms or tools.

Address :

 Trading Direction

Survey Number 54, 4th Floor, Office number 24, City Vista, B Building, Block Sector: Kharadi, Pune-411014.

Contact : + 91 7391841111


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