How To Master Trading Psychology ?
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Trading Psychology Mastery : Video Course cover

Trading Psychology Mastery : Video Course

Stop losing money and start winning big profits, Unleash your potential as a trader by mastering trading psychology.

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Instructor: Trading Direction

Language: Hindi + English

Validity Period: 180 days

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Description: This is a Video Course to improve trading Mindset

The primary reason why traders lose money is that they fail to manage their risk effectively, have No plan to exit losing trades, and are Not able to manage emotions. 

Do you want to trade like a pro for Entry, Trade management, Timely exit and book big Profits?

Then, This course on 'How To Master Trading Psychology' is designed for you to help you to achieve a higher level of understanding about the role of emotions in your trading and to provide you with practical tools and techniques to build strong psychological foundations for success in trading.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the importance of trading psychology in your success as a trader
  • Learn proven techniques to manage your emotions before trade, while trading. After Trading.
  • Discover the common psychological mistakes made by traders and how to avoid them, Like Fear, Greed, and FOMO which cause Overtrading and Revenge trading.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to manage your emotions effectively
    Learn techniques to manage your feelings effectively.
  • Understand common psychological biases
    Learn about common psychological biases that can damage your trading results and how to overcome them.
  • Build a winning mindset
    Learn how to build a winning mindset, overcome fears and Greed and improve your confidence as a trader.
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