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Trading Mentorship Program : Overcome the practical difficulties, 4 Months

4 Month Live support course, Super advanced intraday and Positional Trading, Live Trading With the mentor

Instructor: Trading DirectionLanguage: Hindi + English

About the course

"Unlock Super Advanced Trading Secrets: A 6-Month Pro Trader Mentorship Program 🚀

📚 Program Highlights:

  • Technical Analysis Classes 
  • 7 Hours of Recorded Video Course - Derivatives Trading Course
  • 6 Hours of Learning Content on the Central Pivot Range

📝 Course Overview:

  • Master Trading Psychology
  • Learn Essential Price Action and Detailed Technical Analysis
  • Acquire an Effective Trading Strategy
  • Explore Equity Options Trading
  • Discover Effective Options Trading Strategies
  • Real-Time Strategy Discussions in Live Market
  • Get Access to All Other Courses for Free
  • Gain India's Best Tool for End-of-the-Day Market Research
  • Learn the Secrets of Professional Traders in Options Buying

🕓 Program Duration: 4/ 5/ 6 Months ( As per registration )

🌐 Course Delivery: The program is delivered in an encrypted video format, accessible on PC or laptop (Mac & Windows 10 or above), and Android mobile using Google Chrome. The program is valid for 6 Months and is designed for self-learning and self-pacing. Please review our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Refund & Cancellation Policy on our website:

📢 Disclaimer: These videos, channels, courses, or charts are for educational purposes only. Trading and investment carry risks, and we do not provide recommendations or advice. Anil Hanegave and Trading Direction are not SEBI-registered advisors or entities. All views expressed are personal. We do not bear any responsibility for financial decisions, and all decisions are solely the responsibility of the individual initiating such transactions. Seek advice from your financial advisor before making any decisions.

Thank you!" 📉📈📊📚🚀

📉 Loss to Profit Trading Journey with Trading Direction 🚀

Doctor Success story  📊 loss to profit with Trading Direction 🚀. 
Explore the world of 📈 intraday trading, master the art of trading 📊 stocks, and learn how to become a 🤑 profitable trader.📚 Explore option trading in detail,  dynamics of 📈 stock market, and uncover the secrets of profitable trading. 📈💰Transform your trading career with valuable insights, motivational support 🌟 and become successful trader you aspire to be. 🚀📈Join the Mentorship community and let your profitable trader journey begin. 🌟💼💹Stay motivated, keep learning, and chart your unique trading path with Trading Direction. 📚📉📈🤝 #TradingJourney #ProfitableTrader #LearnToTrade #TradingDirection


Learn with Trading Direction

Stock Market Intraday Trading & Training, Options Trading, Investing services, Share market Classes, Intraday Trading Courses for beginners

🌟 Benefits of Pro Traders Mentorship Program: 6 Months Live Learning 📚

Transformative learning journey for Consistency, Mindset and Confidence.


6 Months Live learning

Best Quality learning with easy to understand method.


Personal Coaching

Receive personalized coaching to enhance your trading skills and understanding of the market.


Learning During Live market Hours

Immerse yourself in the live market environment, gaining practical insights as you learn.


Learn with the best

Join exclusive Learning Telegram support groups and and enhance your passion for trading. Master Life Skills.


Assignments, Demo Trading and Support

Result oriented learning with quizzes and live tests, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the material. Receive ongoing support throughout your journey.


Explore Different Trading Styles : 

Dive into Positional Trading, Swing Trading, and Investment strategies to broaden to get more from Market.

Join Pro Traders Mentorship Program and take the next step in your trading journey. 🚀📊👩‍🏫 #TradingEducation #MentorshipProgram 🌟📚

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